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Future Tense Books, 2018


“A terrific collection of stories. There are echoes here of Flannery O’Connor, Barry Hannah, and Denis Johnson, but Genevieve Hudson is her own writer—impressively and gloriously so. Her eye for the clinching detail is unnerving and her sympathies are fascinatingly conflicted. I hope, and suspect, this book will be the start of a long and inspiring career.” —Tom Bissell, author of The Disaster Artist and Magic Hours

“Jagged, queer, and nervy, these stories beat with an urgent, potent pulse. They’re often funny, sometimes wrenching, and never predictable. A bold and bracing debut.” —Chelsey Johnson, author of Stray City

“Full of blood and dust and stars and light, Hudson captures the beauty and horror of the everyday and makes it all seem like magic.” —Leah Dieterich, author of Vanishing Twins: A Marriage

“In Pretend We Live Here, characters bleed and breathe with a caustic energy that dares the reader to keep pace as they are taken from the Deep South to Western Europe and back again. Her writing is impossible to forget.” —Jing-Jing Lee, author of How We Disappeared

“Poetic, twisted, wild, and tender, Genevieve Hudson writes with what some call a burning tongue. On every page, her agile, clashing lines throw off sparks of youth and queer desire. Check this out. Here is a writer at the beginning of something truly great.” —Jon Raymond, author of Freebird