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Fiction Advocate, 2018


A Little in Love with Everyone is a precise and passionate account of finding one’s (queer) self in literature. Hudson captures the fears, thrills, shames, and sustaining delusions that constitute queer young-adulthood.” —Sara Jaffe, author of Dryland

“‘Sooner or later, we start searching for our histories,’ Genevieve Hudson writes in A Little in Love with Everyone. Hudson’s debut exploration of queerness, art, preservation, and the narrative threads of survival is a heroic feat. A meditation as inviting as it is illuminating on the visibility and invisibility of desire, A Little in Love with Everyone will give you the feeling of being let in on the best-kept secret of all. Required reading.” —T Kira Madden, author of Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls

“This is the queer commentary book I needed as a teenager, and in my twenties, and today. Genevieve Hudson is a bold and intelligent new voice.” —Chloe Caldwell, author of Women I’ll Tell You in Person

“Genevieve Hudson crafts a diverse celebration of queer history in a playfully personal yet astute book, a hybrid of analysis and confession and love letter. I can’t think of a better way to honor Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home or acknowledge the importance of queer mentors than Hudson’s A Little in Love with Everyone.” —Tomas Moniz, editor of Rad Dad & Rad Families